The Orgasm Queen is busy writing
her soon to be released book,
Reclaiming Your Sexuality:
How a survivor of multiple childhood sexual abuses learned to love guilt free sex

If you have questions for The Queen, please contact her via email.

Coming Out of The Sexually Abused Closet

Learn to listen compassionately to your inner child without letting her ruin your adult life. The  pain of child sexual abuse can linger into adulthood in sometime invisible ways such as food addictions, depression, procrastination, and unhappy love relationships.  Learn how to recognize when your abused child part is running, and maybe ruining, your adult life.  And learn  how to compassionately listen to his/her needs so that you can help heal  your abused child part while making your adult life vibrant.  Hear a personal story about how 5 minutes of empathetic listening healed 26 years of guilt and shame.